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Silence. ( Urie kuki x Mutsuki tooru rp ) ( 5 )
He couldn't help it anymore, he was a mess and needed help. "Kuki!!! Please pay attention to me!" He whimpered and panted harder.
He slowly stopped, and sat up, cracking his back, his earbuds still in. 
He whimpered more and bit his lips as he began to rub his legs together, letting out needy noises.
He looked at you, then stood up, walking over to you. 
He looked up at him, his face a hard red. "Mmm~" He panted again, barely shaking
He looked down at you, putting his hands on your butt and pressing you into him.
He gasped and moaned lightly, holding onto his shoulders tight.
He smirked, kissing you softly 
He kissed harder and wrapped his arms around him, arching his back a little
He pulled back, pushing a piece of hair out of your eyes. "Its late. You need sleep." He kissed your cheek, and turned you around. 
He was still blushing. "B-But I'm not even close... y-you always leave me this way.."
He looked at you confused, then it hit him. He just looked at you. "I w
:iconxxtheimaginaryxx:XxTheImaginaryXx 1 0
Silence. ( Urie kuki x Mutsuki tooru rp ) ( 4 )
Out of nowhere he moaned out, "P-Put it in m-me... please." He moaned louder and arched his back high
His eyes widened, and he looked up at you, sitting up again.
    He panted fast, watching him, his eyes half closed.
He tensed when he heard footsteps in the hallway coming close to the door. 
:iconxxtheimaginaryxx:XxTheImaginaryXx 1 0
Silence. ( Urie kuki x Mutsuki tooru rp ) ( 3 )
He smiled more. "Hes so happy... and relaxed, I love it." He kissed his cheek softly.
He groaned softly, his eyebrows furrowing together. He shifted a little. 
He just sat there, waiting for him to wake up, and being silent as possible.
He seemed to be still sleeping. He lips slowy turned to a slight frown, his eyebrows still furrowed.
He looked at him, shaking him slowly. "Kuki wake up, I think there is something wrong.." He got worried.
He slept still, grunting softly again, and rolled onto his other side. He still had his eyebrows furrowed, his lips still in a stone cold frown. 
He shook him harder. "Kuki!! Wake up please!" He got more worried and sniffed
He groaned, moving his head a little. 
"Stop yelling..."
"Why are you frowning? You were at lest..."
He shook his head. He stood up, and walked upstairs. 
He ran after him. "Kuki, can we talk about it?"
He just walked upstairs, and walked inside his room and closed the door in your face, locking it. 
His ey
:iconxxtheimaginaryxx:XxTheImaginaryXx 1 0
Silence. ( Urie kuki x Mutsuki tooru rp ) ( 2 )
"C-C-Can we continue a-after the mission?" He asked, looking down at the floor
He nodded, closing the door. 
He came out of his room later wearing his gear, walking out to see him, standing by his side.
He walked out the door. 
He followed him. "So where is the mission?"
"A factory."
"Do I get to eat someone?" He asked, looking up at him
Everyone turned around and looked at you like you were crazy.
He put his head down and was silent the whole way to the factory.
He stepped into the factory, and looked around
He walked around. "What are we looking for?"
"A dangerous band of ghouls." Haise said. 
"Hey Kuki!! Look at this!!" He picked up a dagger, and waved it around
"Thats not a dagger!!" Haise yelled. 
Kuki suddenly smacked it out of your hand, and tackled you to the ground hard.
 He made an oof sound and clung onto Kuki. "What is it then? Cause it looks like one."
Suddenly the rest of the team started running past them, and started fighting other ghouls. One o
:iconxxtheimaginaryxx:XxTheImaginaryXx 1 0
Silence. ( Urie kuki x Mutsuki tooru rp )
He sat in his room, sitting on his swivel chair next to his desk. He had his ear buds in like usual. He was staying silent while reading a book.
Mutsuki he walked down the hallway passing his bedroom door, his heart skipping a beat anytime he did this. Today he decided to stop at Kuki's door and...knock slightly. His hands were sweating and he could feel himself heat up. Mutsuki waited there nervously and patiently, hoping he would answer.
He took a ear bud out. He set the book down, and got up, walking to the door and opening it. He looked down at you with a blank stare.
He looked up at the other, his cheeks a flushed red. "H-Hey, do you want to do s-something?" He asked, clicking his heels together a little.
"Like what." He said quietly, narrowing his eyes a bit.
"A game?" He began to feel embarrassed for walking to his door, so he put his head down in embarrassment. His hair falling as he put his head down.
He paused before answering. "What kind."
"Well, I don't have any games in my
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highlight :iconcyjbae:cyjbae 9 3



I am you, you are me.
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